Thursday, 14 November 2013


For the youth out there, you might have no idea why deciding to spend the rest of your life with a man or woman of your choice is called MARRIAGE...

Its simple; MARRIAGE has the ability to MAR your AGE, marriage can make you look far OLDER than your ACTUAL AGE.
A lot of these seemingly old "tired of life" men whom you see in the streets are actually young men who have grown tired of a Bad marriage. For women, its quite obvious, some of them are very ATTRACTIVE until they marry a Man INSENSITIVE and IRRESPONSIVE to her emotional needs.
No wonder You cannot recognize some of your married "old school" mates, its due to "MARRIAGEING"

For the records, there is nothing as Stressful as a bad marriage! Painfully, some married women prefer the hospital to their marital home; they actually fake and fall sick in order to have a little care.

Living with people is MORE DANGEROUS than Fighting with them in a war. Living in a Bad Marriage is even RISKIER than living in a barracks in "war zone" Syria. STD's and stress-related diseases like cancer, stroke, hypertension and the likes,have killed more MEN than both World war 1&2.

A decision made is always as good as the decision maker. If you want to choose a matured spouse, then you have to Mature!
An Informed decision can ONLY be made by a Transformed Person.

The Life Partner you choose is always a Reflection of your "Conception and Perception" of the Spirit Life.
Wait and Spiritually MATURE! You wouldn't want Marriage to mar that Great FUTURE!
Nana Sapho Asante

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