Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Eavesdrop a conversation between two young ladies, and you might suspect they are talking about GUINNESS; tall, dark, strong, rich in taste.

But you will be Shocked that this is just the description of their IDEAL man.

Ladies please, apart from the special qualities you are looking for, be sure to add these qualities. Before you accept, ALWAYS check! ...the 3L's....

LISTENING EARS; communication is the lifeblood of any human relationship. The ability to listen is a major tool in communication. If he is not ATTENTIVE enough to listen to your needs, he will not be SENSITIVE enough to meet those needs.

A man who is NOT passionate about LEARNING is hardly fortunate in EARNINGS. Apart from his lack of money, he is likely to lack love. He should be willing to understudy his subject till death do you part. He should learn about your personality, preferences and even perceptions. Because no one can truly Love in ignorance. If he will NOT LEARN, he should NOT EARN your love.

Love is a product of value. If he does not esteem you highly, he doesn't love you highly. When a product of value gets a LITTLE problem, we give it HUGE attention. Out of the abundance of heart the mouth speaks, if what he usually says does not suggest that he VALUES you. Run for your Life!

You don't need a perfect Man, but you need to perfectly CHECK the Man you want to submit to for the rest of your life, ALWAYS CHECK if he is a WORTHY Mister.

ALWAYS....Check Check!

Nana Sapho Asante

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