Friday, 22 November 2013

Corrupt! Corrupt! Corrupt !

An unknown number Whatsapped me. He Introduced himself as a young man who has been reading my posts. During the conversation he asked a question I cannot forget.
He asked me, "Sir, do you organise seminars? Because I'm still searching for ME and I need some great minds to help me through..."
Though I was humbled by the question yet I was troubled by the answer.

Apparently, God laid a BURDEN on my heart to reach out to the youth with the message of PURPOSE AND POTENTIAL after my first degree. But I wanted to do it LATER in life.

God wanted me to become their MIDWIFE, He wanted me to help them BRING FORTH the dreams they were carrying. But I just wanted TO WAIT A LITTLE to do some business, and other things first.

God told me today, "Nana Ghana's future is not in the discovery of its NATURAL RESOURCE, but the discovery of its HUMAN RESOURCE". It is not the OIL in the land that matters but the OIL in the People that will Develop the country.

He further said, "the destiny of Ghana is in the destiny of Ghanaians, there is a divine reason for being born a Ghanaian". When every Ghanaian discovers his purpose and Potential; when every Ghanaian becomes all that he was created to become, then Ghana can also become all that it can ever become.

Then He said to me, "Nana use your gift to help Ghana, help the youth to discover THEMSELVES.

Now I have come to the conclusion that the MOST CORRUPT individuals in GHANA is not the Politicians who MISUSE Ghana's NATURAL RESOURCES but the ordinary Ghanaian who often under-USE, MISUSE and ABUSE his/her own NATURAL RESOURCES.


you use all the Potential God has deposited in you, YOU ARE CORRUPT! Because your Potential is Essential to Ghana's Future!

Nana Sapho Asante

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