Thursday, 30 January 2014


''Devoting little of yourself to everything means committing a great deal of yourself to nothing''
A war is as serious as the battles involved. And a battle is as dangerous as the enemy involved. But an enemy is not as dangerous as his weapon. The weapon the enemy uses; a club, a sword, a gun or a ballistic missile determines how dangerous he is. 

Now the extent of the damage of the weapon is what makes the weapon dangerous. Put differently, a weapon of mass destruction is far more dangerous than a weapon of single destruction. However, mediocrity is a weapon of mass destruction; because it has the capacity to destroy every facet of your life. Average people have average lives; average mindsets, average goals, average friends, and even average marriages. Mediocrity is an enemy with a deadly weapon. In the streets and the corners of our world, this adversary roars like a lion seeking whom he may devour.
When you think you are better than the average person, you are AVERAGE! In the eyes of an average person, average is always considered outstanding. Mediocre mindsets take somebody else’s definition of success as their own; they live without their own dreams. The road to mediocrity is jammed with men who follow the crowd, and those who become jack of all trades.

To escape mediocrity, pursue EXCELLENCE. To be more than average, pursue mastery. More than ever become the best of yourself this year. Excellence is not just a standard; it is the ONLY standard! Today, devote yourself wholeheartedly to anything you do. It is better to become best in something than good in everything. The world has no time or applause for many good men; the Noble prize is for a few great men. Become a standard today, become a measuring line today.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


            Your Destiny is at the mercy of your decisions.
The president of a very successful bank was interviewed by a famous journalist.The journalist wanted to unravel the secret of the bank’s consistent success in spite of economic recessions. The journalist asked, “Please Sir, I am curious to know, what has kept your bank insured against these economic maelstroms, whiles all others plummet , your bank seems to be consistently rising without strain? “Good Decisions” the president of the bank answered without hesitation.
 The journalist with a tone of curiosity probed further, “How were you able to make good decisions in these tumultuous times, when no business analysis or prediction is reliable? How did you make such informed decisions?”  Proudly but calmly the man replied, “experience”.
 About this time,the journalist was feeling exasperated, an interview which promised to be a long one is becoming acutely short, and with an unsatisfied look, asked impatiently, “ and how did you get experience, and from where or from whom? Could you please tell us?” The man sensing the anxiety of the journalist paused for a while, smiled and then humbly replied “bad decisions”.
Decisions! They are responsible for every success story, and they are able to change any business history; they either make or unmake you. Actually, life is the sum total of the decisions we make every day. Wherever you are today, you arrived here by the decisions of yesterday. What we call life; is essentially a series of decisions. Your life in 2014 will not be different; it will not be free of decisions, rather, it will be full of decisions.
Most people fail in life because they never actually make the deliberate decision to succeed. Others by their actions and inactions only decide not to fail, however, success is achieved by choice and not by chance, it is not a privilege to those who just desire it but the right to those who decide it. You must choose the path failures won’t take or the decisions they would not make. Good decisions are a success recipe; they work every time and everywhere.
Regrettably, failures have this common disease, the cancer of indecision. Cancer because it’s fatal, indecision kills enthusiasm and zeal than anything in life. Indecisive people never decide to decide, and therefore they never ever decide, whether it's their spiritual, academic, business or social life.  Indecisive people live by default; they live by the motion of the wind and are led by the direction of the crowd, they do whatever they see others do and they become what others often become; failures. There is nothing as useless to your pursuit of success as indecision; it has no profit. 
Deliberate decision is a product of the will, and your will is what gives power and momentum to the rest of your body. Where there is a will, there always will be a way; potentials will be released, strength will be regenerated, passion recharged, energy revamped, the intellect refocused and goal realized.
Avoid default decisions and make deliberate decisions! This year, make every moment count by deliberately deciding on every minute! Decide that this year will be bigger, better and brighter!
Decide today for today matters!
Prayer: Father, grant me the wisdom and the grace to make right decisions in every facet of my life, informed decisions from your Word, which will lead me to your prepared destiny for my life. Amen