Thursday, 30 January 2014


''Devoting little of yourself to everything means committing a great deal of yourself to nothing''
A war is as serious as the battles involved. And a battle is as dangerous as the enemy involved. But an enemy is not as dangerous as his weapon. The weapon the enemy uses; a club, a sword, a gun or a ballistic missile determines how dangerous he is. 

Now the extent of the damage of the weapon is what makes the weapon dangerous. Put differently, a weapon of mass destruction is far more dangerous than a weapon of single destruction. However, mediocrity is a weapon of mass destruction; because it has the capacity to destroy every facet of your life. Average people have average lives; average mindsets, average goals, average friends, and even average marriages. Mediocrity is an enemy with a deadly weapon. In the streets and the corners of our world, this adversary roars like a lion seeking whom he may devour.
When you think you are better than the average person, you are AVERAGE! In the eyes of an average person, average is always considered outstanding. Mediocre mindsets take somebody else’s definition of success as their own; they live without their own dreams. The road to mediocrity is jammed with men who follow the crowd, and those who become jack of all trades.

To escape mediocrity, pursue EXCELLENCE. To be more than average, pursue mastery. More than ever become the best of yourself this year. Excellence is not just a standard; it is the ONLY standard! Today, devote yourself wholeheartedly to anything you do. It is better to become best in something than good in everything. The world has no time or applause for many good men; the Noble prize is for a few great men. Become a standard today, become a measuring line today.

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