Thursday, 14 November 2013

Baby, Why Do You Love Me?

Women please ask your Men, "Baby why do you love me"?

If your man gave you a Reason why he LOVES you Today, he has just given you an Excuse when he LEAVES you Tomorrow. Because any present reason for doing something can always become the future excuse for not doing it.
Love that has many REASONS, also has many EXCUSES...

One of the universal laws in life is the Law of Change; everything changes. The proof of life is change, nothing with or in life remains the same. People change; our Interest, our Priorities, our Goals, our Friends and our Spouse will inevitably CHANGE.

Any "Good or Spiritual" reason he gives you for LOVING You will have to be forever Maintained and Sustained, Or else he has every "Good or Spiritual" Excuse to STOP LOVING you.

This is why the Ancient Book is precise and concise; MEN LOVE YOUR WIVES AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH...
The ONLY reason given for Men to Love their wives is not how good she looks or how good she even Is, but BECAUSE Christ loved His bride, the Church. This condition can never be CHANGED, because an activity done in the past is not subject to the Law of Change.

Therefore women, HE should love you not because of what you are DOING or WILL DO but ONLY because of what JESUS DID. Women capish?
So then ladies ask your man again, "Baby what did you say was the Reason for loving me"?
Nana Sapho Asante

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