Thursday, 14 November 2013

Marriage Certificate...

Certificates are generally awarded after a successful Completion of a Course.

Every academic Certificate is awarded ONLY after COMPLETION whereas marriage Certificate is awarded at the INCEPTION. Put differently, Marriage awards you before you COMMENCE at the wedding ceremony whereas School awards You after you COMPLETE at the graduating Ceremony.

I am most certain and without doubt, agree to the notion that Marriage degree is of a higher Pedigree than any academic pursuit...

#1 School teaches a lot of DISCIPLINES; Marriage teaches only SELF DISCIPLINE. Without a basic understanding of Self Discipline, you are more likely to fail than succeed.

#2 In School, You work to OBTAIN the Certificate; In Marriage, You work to MAINTAIN the Certificate.
When you fail; school refuses you the certificate, marriage however confuses you with another certificate, "the Divorce Certificate"

#3 School is TIME-BOUND; Marriage is LIFE-BOUND.
Marriage has neither a Timeline nor a Deadline!

Marriage is Painfully different! There are no Resits! No Vacation! No part times! no distant learning! And no external Attachments*.

Marriage affords you ONLY one Permanent Course Mate, Who will directly or indirectly determine the Course of your Life; whether Progressive or Retrogressive.

So please be overly cautious before you ENROLL in the School of Marriage or before you CHOOSE a #courseMATE!
Nana Sapho Asante

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