Friday, 22 November 2013


Times may change His Procedures but Nothing can change God's Principles. His method of PREPARATION is still by SEPARATION.

I couldn't go to work today because the burden of reaching to the youth won't let me step out of my room; have had no food, no drink, no bath, not even a glass of water,(knowing my love for food). Its like I had to LOCK UP myself to Be FREE.

Lord I need Your Wisdom to Plan, I prayed. Afterwards, I took my laptop to type, it began to flow, knowing it could ONLY be the Holy Spirit, I felt blessed and listened. I wrote down HIS 7P's of PLANNING.

But it was on 5th "P" that really caught my attention. For every one with a DREAM, PLEASE check this 5th 'P'-PEOPLE...He said, You will meet;

DRAINERS... These are Vampires. They LIVE on what KILLS you. They only SUCCEED when You FAIL; they will ONLY be PROMOTED when you are DEMOTED. He added, " Nana anyone who hates your GOD and your GIFT is a candidate".

STRAINERS... They are the unhealthy competitors. They are like WEEDS. He continued, "when anyone sees you as a THREAT rather than a member of the TEAM".Beware!

SUSTAINERS... Sustainers are Supporters, It could just be their word of appreciation or encouragement. Without these ONES, the road would be very ROUGH.

BRAINERS... He told me, "You need those who can challenge your thinking" These are healthy Competitors. Their Competition should become a Stepping Stone and not a Stumbling Block. Their gift should not make you feel LESS but it should make you LEARN MORE.

TRAINERS... Trainers are not waited for, they are pursued after." "Trainers know the WAY, have gone the WAY and can show you the WAY". He concluded, "Nana, without a trainer, you would become a Mediocre".

He said always remember that "There can be NO ACCOMPLISHMENT without an ASSIGNMENT, and though every ASSIGNMENT has its OWN REQUIREMENTS, PREPARATION is an indispensable requirement for EVERY assignment.

Please if you have a DREAM like myself, then STOP "COMPARING" with Others and START "PREPARING" yourself.

Nana Sapho Asante

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