Tuesday, 3 June 2014

#Thinking out Loud (T.O.L)

That feeling when all expectations are foiled.
That sensation when you realize time and efforts have been wasted
That's how it's gonna be and even more when enfin all the life you lived on the surface of this terrestrial ball met not your purpose.
Yeah, such poignancy your heart will echo throughout your whole anatomy.
When you realize all the passion you had was not meant for what you thought.
Oohkk..let's check the the other side of the coin. When purposes are fulfilled,visions and goals realized, when assignments are accomplished all in His will and what you hear is "well-done son"
I can imagine you grinning from ear to ear.
Oh yeah,the Rolex may be yours but not the time. Time is of essence. Every second counts, Usain Bolt bears witness with me on this. All I'm trying to say is there's actually a reason for our living.Have we wondered why we came into this world at this particular time? Why not maybe a hundred years ago. That means there's actually got to be a reason for that,which is our duty to find out.God wanted us to be relevant to this generation and beyond. Inside everyone of us is that avidity and craving to become relevant. Why is it so? Because we are made with a value. Jesus paid that dear price for us. You know your value of what is paid for you. So people are trying to find that relevance in the wrong ways and in the wrong places because of this 'dream' to become somebody. We trying hard by ourselves to get it. Why don't we for a moment stop,just stop in our tracks and ask...Oo God,why was I made?, then at once we can find out whether we on the right route or we journeying on someone's tracks. You know the success of every product is in the fulfillment of the purpose for which it was made. So why don't you dive into the Manufacturer's Manual(THE BIBLE) and get more information about product YOU.Keep diving deeper to maximize product efficiency and effectiveness!!

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