Sunday, 9 March 2014


                    Vision is the foresight with insight based on hindsight
               Nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved without the force of vision.  The greatest gift ever given to man is not the gift of sight but the gift of vision.  Sight is the function of the eyes but vision is the function of the heart. Sight is necessary for the present but vision is crucial for the future. When you are able to see a preferred and a possible future, you have in essence captured a vision. When you see God’s intimate plans for your future, you have ultimately seen your vision
                 If you are ever going to achieve much in 2014, then you have to be able to visualize the end of 2014 in your mind just as you have desired and decided. The principle of vision states that, “whatever you see, you can be”, and “whatever you can visualize, you can actualize”. In a world where the sight of economies, governments, and society at large is utterly discouraging, disheartening and depressing; one must have the capacity to see beyond the present if he wishes to have the faith to believe in the future. There is always more to what the eyes could see, we need our hearts to see God’s perfect picture.
                 Vision protects us against the present predicaments of this transient world in which we live; it’s our only hope against the storms of today. Vision is a source of inspiration in the face of present frustrations. If the picture of the divine future we saw, is not what we see in the present, then what we see in the present is temporal.
Thomas Edison envisaged a world with lights though he himself lived in the dark. It was his vision of a brighter world that inspired him to invent the light bulb, though he was seeing candles with his eyes yet he could see light bulb with his heart. Vision is everything. Graham Bell is no different, he was deaf in one ear but he invented the telephone. With vision, his present predicament never became a permanent impediment to achieving his dreams. To succeed, you must see beyond present realities, you must see future eventualities.
                 Possess vision and you become untouchable and unstoppable by the challenges of life.  The old sage of Israel, King Solomon said that due to the lack of vision, people’s lives are destroyed. He was saying in essence, when a people cannot envision a better tomorrow, they abuse and misuse today.  Without the image and the knowledge of a preferred future; today will lose its essence, time its purpose, activity will lack meaning and energy will have no direction.
                Today matters! Capture the picture of that divine future! See that book launch! See yourself receiving that award! See yourself at that matriculation or better still at that graduation. See yourself becoming whatever you were created to become. See the end of this year and then begin it! Have no bifurcated thinking I said; see it and then begin it. Because if you want to seize it, you MUST see it!

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